So we go from a superpowered teenager who is an evil prick to two altruistic time travelling teenagers with two movies from 2019, Brightburn, starring Elizabeth Banks and David Denman to See You Yesterday directed by Stefon Bristol. 


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See you yesterday.

SPOILERS EVERYWHERE! It was inevitable, like Thanos, that I would do this movie. I look at Endgame, how the MCU has unreeled over the 11 year history, where it might go to from here. 


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This time around, I'm officially in mourning for Larry Cohen and Scott Walker as I talk about Philippe Mora's insane Howling III - The Marsupials.


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Keep watching the skies.

Coming back from the hiatus, I look at The Wandering Earth, the second biggest box office movie of 2019 so far, a science fiction epic based on a story by Liu Cixin. Then we move on to Alita- Battle Angel starring Rosa Salazar and Christoph Waltz. 


Cyberpunk and hard science space opera. What's not to love?


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This time around, it's 1990s B-Movie silliness starting with 1990's The Guyver - starring Mark Hamill and Michael Berryman then heading over to 1990 for Class Of 1999 starring Stacy Keach and Malcolm McDowell. Lots of practical effects, cyborg teachers and bio-armour.


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See you next time.

From the meta-meta-textuality of Once Upon A Deadpool starring Ryan Reynolds and Fred Savage, we then go on to the third in M. Night Shyamalan's Eastrail 177 Trilogy, Glass starring Samuel L. Jackson, James McAvoy and Bruce Willis.


Two really different superhero movies.


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See you next time.


To end the year, I look at the original 1984 A Nightmare On Elm Street starring Heather Langenkamp and Robert Englund, then we move on to an Australian giant pig movie from 2017 Boar starring Nathan Jones and Roger Ward.


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Have a great 2019.

This time around, it's space opera wall to wall. 1984's 2010 - The Year We Made Contact, the sequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey, starring Roy Scheider and Helen Mirren, then we go on to 1969 for Hammer's only movie set in the future, the bugfuck crazy Moon Zero Two starring James Olsen, Catherine Schell and Warren Mitchell. 


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This one's a mad scientist special. The made in  Japan 1959 flick The Manster gives us a mad scientist who lives on a volcanic peak and 1966's The Frozen Dead gives us Dana Andrews trying to revive frozen Nazis. I hate Nazis, frozen or fresh.


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I'm back! This time I look at a 1960 movie that combines a gothic vampire story with erotica the Italian production The Playgirls And The Vampires. From there, it's on to 1999 for The Thirteenth Floor, a story of VR, AI and 1937 Los Angeles.


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